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Single Australia Oh My My And I Love You Better.gif (44745 bytes)Single France RCA Hit Parade 49.954 Valleri pw .gif (90347 bytes)Single France RCA Hit Parade 49.952 Daydream Believer pw .gif (98421 bytes)Single France DW Washburn Its Nice To Be With You RCA 49955.GIF (57511 bytes)Single France Oh My My I Love You Better RCA 49961.GIF (53482 bytes)Single Germany Arista 101852-100 A Little Bit Me pw.gif (86598 bytes)
Single Germany Arista 101853-100 B&W Daydream Believer, Last Train pw.gif (84429 bytes)Single Germany RCA 66-1004 A Little Bit Me, You pw.gif (107185 bytes)Single Germany RCA 66-15017 Forget That Girl pw.gif (89427 bytes)Single Germany RCA 66-5000 Tear Drop City pw.gif (83135 bytes)Single Im A Believer Steppin Stone Germany 60-1002.GIF (51800 bytes)Single Germany RCA 66-1007 Words pw .gif (111916 bytes)Single Germany RCA 66-1012 Daydream Believer pw.gif (107360 bytes)
Single Germany RCA 66-5004 Listen To The Band pw.gif (103467 bytes)Picture Sleeve Words German.jpg (122162 bytes)Single Yugoslavia Pleasant Valley Sunday.GIF (33347 bytes)

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