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Welcome to
The Monkees Collector's Home Page Collectibles Page. The Monkees have certainly made their place in memorabilia history as well as of course television & recording history. It wouldn't be possible to collect one of each of every Monkee item out there, there are too many unique items as well as mass produced ones.

    My first
Monkees record was of course their first album which I bought used. from a friend. I was at this friend's house in around 1977 & "hanging out" outside of his room. He was inside playing "Mr. DJ" with his fake DJ voice & he said something like "Now here's one by a group you may remember!" I believe it was "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day" or something.

    Now this was a time when the "oldies stations" weren't as popular, so I hadn't heard the song in many years (I was probably 5 or so). The more he played off of the first 4
Monkees albums, the more I remembered. It brought back a lot of good memories.

    I eventually traded or bought all of his scratched records from him & when I had my "collection" together. I brought them to a used record store for grading & an estimate of value. As you could suspect. the value stayed at the good memories the albums brought back & of course My listening pleasure. They weren't worth any money.

    I was somewhat disappointed, not that I wanted to sell them, but I thought I had a rare find. Anyway.. .I asked if the store had any Monkees albums that were worth anything & he pointed to the one in the plastic sleeve on the wall (My first wasn't one of the million crammed in all of the boxes), & I walked out of the store with a down payment of 5 bucks or so for a $45.00 Still Sealed copy of Changes. (I made $1.50 an hour for an apprenticeship job. so this was quite an expense for me).

    That's the beginning of My
Monkees Collecting history, more serious at times through the years than others. Goldmine Magazine was a good source years ago, haven't used them for quite some time. The net has so many areas to buy & sell things that it works out for me in my hobby.

    This site is for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully it will be an aid for collectors & I'm sure it will bring back some fond memories to non-collectors when they see
Monkees memorabilia.

    Thanks for viewing & please don't steal pictures, they take a lot of time to get to this site. E-mail me with questions. suggestions & comments.

    Use the Search Page to find things on this site. Use the Discussion Page to link with other fans. I am updating this site frequently.

Monkees Collecting!

    Phil (Webmaster &
Monkees Collector).

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