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4 Track Bootleg The Monkees 781 Red Label pw.GIF (68766 bytes)4 Track Bootleg Headquarters Orange Label 744 pw.GIF (81929 bytes)4 Track Bootleg More Of The Monkees Green Label 746 pw.GIF (85782 bytes)4 Track Bootleg More Of The Monkees Red Label 746 pw.GIF (66949 bytes)4 Track Bootleg Headquarters Red Label 744 pw.GIF (87299 bytes)
4 Track Bootleg Headquarters Yellow Label 744 pw.GIF (73835 bytes)8 Track Davy Jones Rainy Jane pw.GIF (54378 bytes)8 Track 1st Album Hard Case P8CG 1001.GIF (69411 bytes)Monkees & Beatles 8 Track Tape.GIFReel To Reel The Monkees & More Of The Monkees CGP3 5001.GIF (90016 bytes)Head R to R.GIF (68705 bytes)
Reel To Reel Pisces, Aquarius And Headquarters Colgems CGP3 5002.GIF (46655 bytes)
8 Track Head.jpg (9137 bytes)8 Track Instant Replay.gif (171221 bytes)Reel To Reel Greatest Hits CGP3-1002.GIF (37731 bytes)Reel To Reel Head Colgems CG03 1003 pw.gif (19968 bytes)Reel To Reel Floyd Crame Plays The Monkees RCA  TP3 5023 pw.GIF (42620 bytes)

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